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About IRAN Green Industries - Looloo

About IRAN Green Industries

About IRAN Green Industries

Due to Iranian governmental strategy and demands of consumers Iranian national CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) project has been raised by the government.
An Iranian consortium is established in IRAN with view of 5 years strategic plan to move forward in order to convert more than half of the existing cars and half of the vehicles under production into vehicles consuming CNG and petrol.


IGI was established in early 2006 by a prominent consortium of Iranian Engineering, Manufacturing, Outsourcing Manufacturing Companies who are pioneer in Automobile and Electronically Instruments and have for decades of high capability in research and development (R&D) which is the technological backbone of this consortium with remarkable success.
Now the professional expertise and resources of all these companies which include Hundreds of design, engineering staffs and experienced personal are made available to IGI to be managed by a single goal oriented management team under one roof.
Its Business Area is :

  1. Oil & Gas( CNG )
  2. Automotive Parts
  3. Car Manufacturing
SA-IRAN: 1st IGI Consortium Share holder
LLG: 2nd IGI Consortium Share holder
TKC: 3rd IGI Consortium Share holder
IGI Advantages to Achieve the Goals