R&D Institute

Introduction to Looloo Research Institute
Today, research and development has turned into an essential act in industry, and businesses have to pay special heed to this value creator activity more than ever in order to maintain their competitive position. Looloo Research Institute was established aiming at designing auto window regulators and supplying auto electronic systems. Having experts, young scholars, equipments and special software and hardware capabilities, this institute is ready to give research services to automotive industry and to auto part manufacturers.

Looloo Research Institute
Being the pole in knowledge provision for this group, Looloo Research Institute has an important role in innovation and updating the production technology. Making use of approximately 15 educated expert work force in the specialized production field of the group, in other words, Mechanical, electrical, and computer ones, this institute is in charge of developing new products, identifying the market needs, removing the products defects, improving the production process and promoting products technology. Located in 14km Karaj Makhsus Road, in the vicinity of auto makers, this unit has the opportunity to have close relationship with the products customers and to consider their needs and narrow the gap between the idea and the mass production.