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Looloo Industrial Group began its activities in 1995 aiming to produce and supply auto parts. During the first 5 years, Shahab Shams plant (the first plant of the group) productions rose to three products: manual and electric window regulator, automotive wiring, and central locking. Group sales doubled every year from 2000 to 2005. Following the development program of the group to get more specialized and to increase the efficiency of the activities, the production of the products was assigned to separate firms. Safir Sanat Speed plant in Shahriyar was to produce actuators and central locking and Jahan Khodro plant in Qazvin was to produce auto wiring. Since the future outlook of the group is having a global presence in the field of auto part production industry, by absorbing foreign investment, it was able to have a joint cooperation with a Malaysian firm in 2003 to form Irma (Iran- Malaysia) firm in which the production of auto wiring based on the global standard for Iran and the Middle East market was the priority. In this regard, in order to maintain the competitive sense of the team which was in other words for the quality of the products in addition to having more control over the supply chain, a decision was made to internalize series of window regulator parts in the group which resulted in establishing the two plants: Lokar Sanat plant aiming to produce Stamped and pressed parts and Loplast plant to produce plastic injection parts. Furthermore, considering the need to progress along with the new auto technology and attempting to turn into a pole in the field of window regulator production in the area and also centralizing all research and development activities of the group plants, Looloo Research Institute was founded in 2005. Today this institute is supplying the knowledge need in the group and also gives research and development services to auto makers and is turning into an auto industry research center.
Looloo industrial group considers quality as a persistent issue in which the satisfaction and faithfulness of the consumers is of great importance; therefore, since the establishment, all units have been attempting to set management disciplines and quality guaranties based on the valid global standards which has resulted in obtaining and implementing ISO quality system for manufacturing units of the company. More over, the policy of the group for constant progress and removing the defects, has inspired the plants to constantly check the quality of the products and the auto parts and also give the initial ideas in the format of reverse engineering projects aiming at modeling the top foreign products. Furthermore, cost reduction projects and technology development projects are done by the Development and Research Unit of the group and it is asked for providing the technical knowledge and the primary samples in order to manufacture the novel plans based on the proposed process of this unit which is mostly aiming at amendment and more development.
Using the experience and knowledge of the globally prominent auto part makers has been one of the other development plans of the group as a result of which joint cooperation with some firms such as Johnson Electric whose exclusive representative in Iran is Looloo group and distributes its direct current motors has been made. In this regard, recently, the first phase of the plant which produces such motors having the annual capacity of 5 million direct current motors was launched in Caspian Qazvin which is to reach mass production in near future and introduce Looloo group as its direct current motors production pole in Iran.
Looloo group approach in design and development of the new products is to produce exquisite designs, taking in to account factors such as cost reduction, bringing down the number of the components, computerizing, integration and making use of the new technology. Regarding these issues, products such as smart window regulator, integrated lock and actuator, and semi- multiplex wiring harness have been added to the developmental process.
Finally, it must be noted that Looloo group constantly considers the business cooperation as a win-win opportunity and welcomes any kind of proposal for joint cooperation. Based on the attitude of Looloo, such relationships results in sharing the resources for the development of the joint products and doubles the competitive features between the two firms. In this regard, this group aimed to have cooperation with seat making firms for the supply of the electric seat mechanism in 1382 and is developing such cooperation for products which are in harmony with the capabilities of the group.

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