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SHAHAB SHAMS Company - Looloo


SHAHAB SHAMS Company Overview

Established on : 1994
Start manufacturing on : 1998
Management team : Mr.Shamloo ( Chairman ) , Mr.Hadjiloo ( MD )
Installed Capacity : 3 million annually
Present capacity Utilizations : 1.5 million annually
Head office : Phone: 88103686 – 88103909
Fax: 88555369
Address: No. 27, 3rd Floor, Apartment no. 216, Qaem Maqani e Farahani, Tehran, Iran
Factory : No.14, 2nd Ave., 49th St., Vila Shahr, 16Km Makhsos Karaj Road
E-mail :
Producing all kind of electro- motors by focusing on the demands of automotive industry in the next seven years.

Producing power windows lifter & electrical seat with emphasis on ensuring customer satisfaction and product development capabilities in order to improve product quality and optimal production.

Main Strategies:

  • Product development
  • Quality Culture Development
  • Product variety
  • Increasing localization
  • Entry into new markets and diversify income sources
  • Increasing market share & profit & Increasing Customer Satisfaction
  • Increasing and stabilizing product quality
  • Increasing onetime delivery
  • Improve safety and environmental performance
  • Improving labor productivity

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