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PBI Company - Looloo

PBI Company

PBI Company Overview
Established on : 2004
Start manufacturing on : 2007
Management team : Mr.Shamloo ( C.E.O. ) ,Mr. Hajiloo ( Chairman ) , Mr.Taheri( MD ),Mr Soltani ,Mr. Rasty
Product : Brake pad and shoes
Head office : No.2 , 5th Ave. , naft town , end of ashrafi esfahani Blvd. , poonak Sq., TEHRAN-IRAN
Website :
E-mail :
PBI Company Plant
PBI Company Profile
PBI Company Products
PBI Program
PBI Mission
IDRO: 1st PBI Company Share holder
LLG: 2nd PBI Company Share holder
Telda: 3rd PBI Company Share holder